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Let's meet at the 34. Annual Meeting of the German Society of Human Genetics

March 15-17, Kongress Palais Kassel

Technical workshop

Thursday, March 16   |   11.45 - 12.45

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Join us for GfH 2023

We are already looking forward to three days full of interesting and exciting conversations with you, inspriring talks, presentations and workshops and to meet with customers, partners and friends at GfH in Kassel, March 15-17. We invite you to join us and our three experts for our technical workshop on Thursday, March 16, and to visit the varvis® team at our booth #42 to have a chat, discuss the latest advancements and get a deeper look into the varvis® software and its new features. 


March 16



Kolonnadensaal 1

varvis® technical workshop

"Change is the only constant: how varvis helps you adjust to new workflows, new regulations, and new reference data"

Genetic diagnostics labs are asked to fulfill ever increasing demands: sequencing more genes, diagnosing more diseases, complying with stricter regulations, and at the same time, using the newest standards and technologies.

In this session, we demonstrate how the varvis® software helps to successfully accept these challenges.

Talks & Speakers

Benefits of in-silico panels and standardized filtering in exome diagnostics

Dr. Robin-Tobias Jauss
University of Leipzig Medical Center

Exome sequencing is the standard of care in clinical genetics. Generating data has become easy and affordable, but optimizing the analysis workflow and evaluating thousands of potentially clinically relevant variants can still be time-consuming and tedious. In this talk, we will present how this challenge of accelerating case review and increasing the diagnostic yield at the same time is tackled in a high-throughput academic diagnostic lab.

Laboratories as test manufacturers under IVDR

Dr. Ben Liesfeld
Limbus Medical Technologies GmbH

About a year from now, all provisions of IVDR Art 5(5) will come into force except for one. There have been a lot of discussions about what that means for genetic diagnostics labs. In January 2023, the Medical Device Coordination Group issued the guideline MDCG-2023-1 that clarifies important aspects. The bad news first: A QMS according to ISO 15189 will not be sufficient.

How I learned to stop worrying and to love hg38

Dr. Roland Ewald
Limbus Medical Technologies GmbH

This talk gives an overview of the issues still present in the ‘new’ reference genome hg38. We discuss how these can be addressed from a bioinformatics perspective, and what this implies for clinical practice. Statistics from real-world migrations of large datasets highlight what kinds of problems to expect during the liftover, which tools can be helpful, and how much previously collected hg19 data can be preserved.

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Cloud-based genetic diagnostics to accelerate laboratory workflows and enhance patient care

The varvis® genomics platform is a complete solution for clinical diagnostics, supporting NGS raw data processing, genomics data management, and variant interpretation. Automated CNV and SNV analysis are clinically validated and completely integrated into the NGS workflow. It is your one turnkey software solution for all NGS Panels, cancer diagnostics, WES and WGS.

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