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We are excited to announce the brand new varvis® webinar series! Together with professionals in medical and clinical genetics and valued partners from industry and academia, we put together a programme that covers latest developments and best practices as well as deep-dive sessions covering many important topics including IVDR, liquid biopsy, whole exome analysis or variant interpretation and our user group meeting.

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Webinar on-demand (German):

IVDR und genetische Diagnostik – Wie die IVDR die Labordiagnostik in Deutschland auf den Kopf stellen wird

February 24, 2021

Nur für eine geringe Zahl von Indikationen in der genetischen Diagnostik sind heute tatsächlich nach IVDD oder IVDR entwickelte CE-IVD-Tests verfügbar. Die meisten der aktuell durchgeführten genetischen Untersuchungen basieren auf sog. Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT). Die IVDR erhöht die regulatorischen Anforderungen an diese LDT erheblich und hat daher sehr konkrete Auswirkungen auf die tägliche Arbeit von Diagnostik-Labors in Deutschland. Was das für Sie bedeutet und wie Sie mit dieser Herausforderung umgehen müssen, erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar.

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Liquid biopsy in breast cancer using NGS

September 10, 2020

NGS-based liquid biopsy assays combine an ultralow detection limit with broad genomic coverage and therefore offer a much more comprehensive testing strategy. However, the complexity of the wetlab process and the data processing have previously been challenging obstacles. In our webinar we will point out a possible approach on how to establish liquid biopsy in breast cancer using NGS.

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One assay to rule them all

Why exome analysis is ready to replace NGS panels and conventional CNV detection

September 22, 2020

Supreme target enrichment and validated NGS analysis software enable us to perform exome sequencing as a standard first step diagnostic. In this webinar, our speakers will tell you from their own perspective why exome analysis is ready to replace targeted NGS panels and conventional CNV detection as a single assay approach in clinical routine. Exome analysis is not only efficient and adequate for clinical diagnostics, it is in fact the new standard of care.

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The challenge of variant interpretation

Leveraging genetic and clinical evidence to improve the diagnosis of rare diseases

December 9, 2020

Due to the introduction of improved, more cost efficient target capture technologies, NGS-based applications have become the standard of care in human genetics. Large NGS assays and exome analysis generate huge amounts of data that needs to be processed and interpreted and is often underutilizes in clinical practice. The identification and interpretation of relevant genetic variants to provide accurate clinical recommendations is still considered a major challenge, as various genetics and clinical aspects need to be carefully evaluated.

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