Whole exome analysis in clinical diagnostics

varvis® has been designed from the beginning as the optimal software tool for whole exome analysis. Our unique validated CNV analysis with single-exon resolution and convenient QC monitoring allow you to replace conventional CNV detection methods with confidence. Use intuitive filtering options and analyze whole exomes in minutes with varvis®


Automated IT
and data processing


Validated SNV and CNV analysis for clinical genetics


Rapid variant interpretation and classification

The varvis® whole exome service

Supreme target enrichment and reduced sequencing costs enable you to perform exome sequencing as standard first step diagnostic. Generating the data has become easy and affordable, but establishing, validating and optimizing the workflow of data analysis can be challenging. Using varvis®, you get the software and support you need – as a service.  

  Cloud-native CE medical device software  

Focus on diagnostics. We are certified so you can trust the software you are using and the results you report.   

  Don’t worry about IT 

You initiate raw data upload by pushing a button. We deal with IT, processing and bioinformatics. Our fully automated process delivers results within hours - even overnight. Guaranteed.  

  NGS validation as a service 

Just sequence the appropriate reference samples – we take care of the rest. Regular updates are included! 

  Supreme expert support 

Our dedicated expert service team provides first class support regarding workflow optimization, technical issues, training and documentation. We are here to help!

Replace conventional Del/Dup detection methods with NGS 

Utilize the rich information that NGS provides. Our unique validated CNV analysis with single-exon resolution and convenient QC monitoring allow you to replace conventional CNV detection methods with confidence. 

Seamless & automated data analysis workflow

From QC monitoring, to variant classification and reporting – varvis® covers the complete analysis workflow. Automated CNV and SNV analysis are clinically validated and completely integrated into the process. All variants appear fully annotated in varvis® - ready for your review.

Centralized annotation service

varvis® provides regularly updated annotation sources that are relevant for clinical diagnostics, like ClinVar. Overwhelmed by the new information pouring in every month? Our automated alerts that focus on variants relevant to your patients enable you to keep all your reports up-to-date! 

Build your own variant database 

Systematically collect all genomic data in a high-performance structured database including genotype, phenotype and segregation data. Know your own patient cohort, know your artefacts, and systematically utilize this valuable information.

At the same time, augment your data with high-quality data from all other users on our platform

varvis® - Unique validated CNV analysis

Do you need more than 15 minutes to interpret a whole exome?

Accelerate WES interpretation by combining phenotype, family and inheritance information 

varvis® software - Virtual panels



Virtual panels 

Quickly construct and easily manage virtual panels containing your genes of interest.



Inheritance patterns

Accelerate interpretation of trios or more complex families using built-in inheritance filters.

varvis® software - Inheritance patterns
varvis® software - HPO manager



HPO manager

Utilize the patient’s phenotype to prioritize and rank variants. Capture your patient’s clinical picture in detail and browse the HPO hierarchy with ease.

See for yourself how varvis® can accelerate your laboratory workflows
and increase your diagnostic yield.

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